Saturday, September 25, 2010

Woman orders a computer, gets marijuana

A Bringle Ferry Road resident eagerly awaiting a new computer ripped open a large box delivered by UPS on Tuesday morning to find 45 pounds of marijuana.

Sarah Howell Leach, of 1017 Bringle Ferry Road, immediately called Salisbury police to report the delivery.

Lt. Rodney Harris, acting chief of the Salisbury Police Department, said the marijuana is worth an estimated $35,000 in today's market. A few years ago it would have been worth considerably more.

The package from McAllen, Texas, was sent overnight to be delivered to another mobile home in the park. The UPS driver mistakenly delivered the box to the wrong address.

Harris said officers immediately set up surveillance of the mobile home — which has been vacant for months — hoping the intended recipient would pick up the shipment. The recipient was listed as "Jack Lance" on the package.

The box of marijuana was placed at the mobile home under the watchful eyes of police.

After several hours, when school ended and more children were in the park, officers reclaimed the package.

The marijuana was packaged in a large bale and in several smaller blocks — all wrapped tightly in pink plastic. And the package smelled of air freshener, apparently aimed at disguising the contents.

Harris said police have contacted the SBI, which is assisting with the investigation.

And Leach did get her computer. FedEx delivered it later Tuesday.


I wish I'd get shipments like that. :(


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